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대한장연구학회 대한장연구학회

Mission & Vision


KASID makes a contribution to public health by working on the research of intestinal diseases
with all its members and suggesting standards in medical care.



Goals of KASID

  • Conduct creative, multi-center, collaborative research
  • Register Intestinal Research in Medline and SCI
  • Provide young researchers with a research-based program
Medical Care
  • Suggest standards/guidelines of medical care in intestinal diseases and lead high-quality management
  • Guide directions on the policy of intestinal diseases
  • Provide all medical personnel including KASID members with
    high-quality medical information on intestinal diseases
  • Exercise intestinal disease-relevant public relations for the public
  • Encourage participation of primary care physicians
  • Develop a quality assurance program
  • Run a member expansion campaign using production of tangible research results
  • Run a KASID promotion campaign using intestinal disease-relevant public relations for the public